Racket Blazers Junior Tournament Series

The Racket Blazers Junior Tournament Series is a quarterly tournament for junior players of all levels. This tournament is designed to introduce kids to tournament play and competition. Utilizing the Quick Start method, the Series focuses on short matches that are fun and that will help kids develop the skills for competition while gaining confidence in their game in a low-pressure environment.

The Racket Blazers schedule is:

March/April, June/July, September/October, and December

Sign ups are available for:
9 & Under Red Ball
10 to 12 Orange Ball

Matches are scheduled for starting at 9:00 am. All players must make themselves available during the tournament hours. The schedule will be sent out to all players by email if an email address is given on the entry form. It is the responsibility of players to find out their own time of play. Players must be prepared to play multiple matches on the same day. Download a Racket Blazers flyer here.

We encourage our young players to be members of the Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA), however, it is not a requirement of this tournament.
Contact the Tournament Desk for more information at 293-3420.
Click here to sign up for a Racket Blazers tournament.

Round-Robin Tournaments

Grotto Bay Tennis Club (GBTC) holds round-robin tournaments on a quarterly basis. Round-robin tournaments are available for all ages of players who are intermediate or above. Players can sign up with a partner or you can sign up as an individual and we will choose your partner. Round Robins are held on Saturdays. Click here if you are interested in receiving our newsletter where you will receive information on our Quarterly Round Robins.

Click here to sign up for a Quarterly Round Robin Tournament.

GBTC’s quarterly round-robin fees are $20 per person.

Want to have your own round-robin tournament with your friends? Grotto Bay Tennis is happy to arrange a private round-robin tournament for your group. Fees include court rentals, racket rentals, balls, pairing of players, scoring, sign in, and setup. Prizes are not included.

Click here for private group round-robin tournament fees.

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