QuickStart Tennis

QuickStart Tennis, or 10 and Under Tennis is designed and structured for kids to learn, rally and play quickly in a way that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Although different than what most adults grew up with, tailoring tennis equipment and court sizes for those under the age of 10 makes sense. Think about it…you do not see kids playing soccer or baseball with adult-sized equipment or on regulation size fields, and now with 10 and Under Tennis using the QuickStart Tennis play format, you will not see tennis players doing that either. You also won’t see players waiting in lines to hit the ball or see tennis balls bouncing over a child’s head. What you will see is kids having success and enjoying the game right away, while wanting to come back for more and developing a passion for this lifetime sport.

The QuickStart group tennis program for beginning juniors is held Saturday mornings 9:00 am to 9:45 am, from April to October.

For more information about our QuickStart Tennis program call 293-3420.

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